I am a Swiss – English photographer based in Luzern, Switzerland. My Grandfather first introduced me to black and white photography as a child and his passion for the medium and its storytelling possibilities clearly influences my conceptual work today.

I am interested to explore photography as a way to make the invisible, visible. In particular, I try to use photography to visually represent the hidden feelings and emotions associated with life events that affect women. I stage images using my own person as the posed subject and employ double exposure techniques or the addition of colour as ways of layering, challenging or adding meaning. By inviting the viewer to explore these often unspoken issues, I aim to foster a better awareness and open discussion.

I also enjoy the challenge of discovering the unseen in nature.  By taking a different perspective, using minimalistic black and white or using an unexpected processing treatment, I believe it’s possible to make the mundane and ordinary, extraordinary.   

Although initially self-taught, I am currently studying for an Honours Degree in Photography with the Open College of the Arts in the UK. My work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.

Curriculum Vitae – Jane Weinmann

UK & Swiss national. Lives and works in Luzern, Switzerland.


BA (Hons) Photography in progress 

2011: Geoff Powell, Master Class Workshop, “The minimalist landscape”

Group Exhibitions

2018: Various Works, ArteTemporis, Group exhibition

2016: Sagen und Woben, Offene Ateliers Rheinfelden, Group exhibition with Therese Hofer and Susi Kramer

2016: Various works, Galerie Goldener Adler, Group exhibition with Therese Hofer, Walter Eisenring

2015: Max&Min, Sagen und Woben, 20 mins on the S1, ‘Vierfalt’ im Villa Berberich, Kulturhaus, Bad Säckingen, Group exhibition with Alice Gafner, Therese Hofer, Rudolf Tschudin.

Solo Exhibition

2014: 20 mins on the S1 and Max & Min, KunstPart, Basel


2019: Photography Level 3, reflections on my journey, OCA Europe Group


2019: Adding colour, to make the invisible, visible, extended essay for degree

2015: Rückblick Vierfalt, Commissioned book, retrospective and photographic record of the exhibition

2015: Borders Unlimited, Available to view on Blurb Books

2012: Kate Mouse Bag and Lone Customer, images published in the Big Issue of the North Magazine – 2 issues



Instagram: jane.weinmann



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