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Borders Unlimited

The things that other people don’t notice intrigue me. They offer a theme for constant and varied exploration and the opportunity to provide a different perspective on the commonplace. The series, Borders Unlimited, explores the notion of human beings as territorial creatures. Although we strive […]

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It could happen to someone you know

I explore a period in my life I’d rather forget. But I can’t. The experience is buried deep inside, occasionally and unexpectedly resurfacing, always strong and dark. I want to confront the past, address the emotions and perhaps put them to rest. At least it’s […]

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Inspired by Chinese lacquered furniture and objects I decided to create a series of images that had this look and feel. Red is a bold colour that has multiple meanings in different contexts and cultures, In China it stands for luck, health, happiness and is […]

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Series: 20 Mins on the S1

This idea for series was first conceived in 2013 and represents an exploration of the impressions gained on my short journey between Rheinfelden and Basel. Each image is based on two carefully chosen digital photographs taken at some point during the journey. They were then […]